Past-life regressionist Dr. Wallace McTavish leads a simple life but appearances can be deceiving. In addition to being a brilliant, successful psychologist, McTavish is also a self-healed man, and his funky Brooklyn, NY home doubles as an office, where he investigates past-life crimes and passions. Twenty-four year-old Laura Tsvetkovsky has long experienced such passion. Her refusal to live in the present with the outside world, her sycophantic mother, and struggling family leaves Laura to her pathological dreams of becoming a dancer. Dreams that will never come true. Were it not for her pills and mysterious friends, Laura’s life without the use of her legs might be hell, but Dr. McTavish reveals there’s another way to heal past and present with hypnotic regression.

Creating suspense regarding the origin of Laura’s pain, we journey to 1592 Catalan. Laura’s past-life joy with Marko is contagious, until the Spanish Inquisition sets terror loose in her Romani community and propels this soul from past to present in a heroic tale toward its hopeful, compelling conclusion.


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“ This book is as engaging as is it interesting and passionate. ”

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“ Bravo to the authors! Now, this is the kind of story I am screaming to read! ”

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“ I would recommend this book to anyone that loves to read and forget they are reading while doing so! ”

Meet The Characters

Dr Wallace McTavish

Dear Reader,

The heart shape left in my coffee grounds, as I take the last sip from my jumbo Corky Cup, reinforces the notion that my regression work has long since healed my own broken heart.

Most mornings, I sit in calm reflection. My lives were well-lived but hard. I’m privileged and grateful that my journey has brought me here to you, patient reader, to give you some history on who I am and how I came to join you here today.


I spent my youth exploring questions that science cannot explain, and not much has changed since then. My methods have matured; that is, I no longer question the floating clouds overhead or the separation I feel from the Earth’s core. I still, however, seek answers to the more mysterious, subjective, and relative questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is a soul, and what does it have to do to reincarnate and evolve?

Seeking these answers led me to a lifetime of study in the behavioral sciences where I faced rigorous formal training in cognitive psychology, which, in turn, led me to the unconventional mental health approaches. Neurolinguistic programming (NLP), past-life regression, and Eastern medicine take precedence in my practice.

You’ll find me, on most days, in my comfortable office full of ancient memorabilia, taking people back to their souls’ previous incarnations.I believe that past lives hold the secrets to this life’s (dis)harmony.

Over my career, I’ve documented case studies with my faithful colleague, Professor Genevieve Buret, without whom I could not have carried out this work with such success, helping all who come to us.
Vivi suggested we publish our body of work in the hope that it would bring others to understand that their current life is an amalgamation of their previous lives lived on this beautiful planet. It is an honor to truly know this body/mind, as it acts as a carriage for our wholly unique souls, each on its painfully exquisite evolutionary path.

We begin our presentation with Laura Tsvetkovsky, on whose regression case study, incidentally, was only the second time I met Vivi—a lifelong collaboration in the making!
It is with great hope that I wish our published work will improve your life!
Enjoy Arabesque, dear reader, the first book in our heart-healing literary series, The McTavish Regressions.


Wallace McTavish

Dr Genevieve Buret

After receiving my master’s degree in behavioral psychology I took a year to travel those areas in the world that I felt drawn toward, much like a moth to flame if I think about it, though the passion was muted somewhat by my rigid demeanor. It’s not easy being a scientist’s daughter, growing up with your father seeing you as only a formulaic cell-operator whose brain will turn off someday. My robotic nature needed throwing in the deep end, this I knew, so I stuffed my Lowepro backpack with thermal everything, kissed Papa’s gravestone on the way to JFK, and left for the Himalaya.


If I had any expectations they were obliterated on arrival. No one could have prepared me for the intensity of the lifestyle that was so different to mine. I was impressed mainly by the outright belief in and factual basis for the reincarnation concept. Ancestors were revered above all and I couldn’t help but notice the peace that people embodied, even in the worst conditions. They knew on an intimate level that this “incarnation” as a legless beggar thief, for example, was necessary for their soul’s evolution. Seeing that the soul was yet another concept I had to grapple with, I found myself surrounded by beauty on all levels, which began to thaw my heart and lead me toward my future studies. As a forensic scientist, I decided there was much to be learned from crimes committed from an anthropological point of view. What makes a thief or a killer or a con artist? Could the same theory of one’s soul evolution apply?

Laura Tsvetkovsky

When Dr. McT and Vee asked me to introduce myself, I thought Well, that idea blows; who would want to hear what I have to say?! Even though I feel it’s sort of lame, honestly it’s the least I could do, because before I met them I had a totally different living situation; as much as it was fine at the time—pill-popping and life evasion—I was going down a hard hill fast.


I was born without working legs, you see, and the early years were full of family and adjusting to my needs, which turned into a kind of worship from my mother’s end.
Her insane quest to heal me helped fuel my fantasy life; I never needed to “get real” because my mother did it for me. But the irony was that neither of us was living in reality. She thought I might walk one day, and I was obsessed with being a dancer, no, I knew I was a dancer!
As you might have guessed, that inescapable reality left me depressed and unwilling to look outside myself, at the options existing right in front of me.

Dance is everything for me, especially ballet. The yearning that a ballerina has to dance is admirable, but my then nearly pathological yearning to dance was destructive to me and those around me.

The first book in this literary series The McTavish Regressions is titled Arabesque, and it is my story. I’m glad that McT and Vee chose to publish their life’s work; helping me means they could help anybody!


I Mano Y Mano

Did you ever meet someone in your mind before you knew that he or she existed? Were there ever thoughts milling about that made no sense whatsoever until you had a moment of clarity, after you had come across some seemingly insignificant bit of news that ultimate made those thoughts a material reality and changed your life forever?


This is where Freud and Jung reincarnate meet again. Dr. Wallace McTavish has a unique approach to helping others. Past-Life Regression is one thing, but his calm and knowing demeanor draws you in, to let you realize that he holds the elusive key to your locked past, which sometimes keeps you. His compassionate gift allows your psyche to deliver & release what ails you, and this is why acting Professor Genevieve Buret wants to collaborate. Vivi Buret shows the idealism of a child crossed with the laser-like precision of a surgeon. She meets McTavish and, after reading several of his personal past lives, there’s an unspoken bond created, allowing them to realize their work from their last lives has carried over and will continue to help those in need. Truly a dynamic duo!

II Dreams R Us

Do you ever feel like you’re a flower growing in a box? If you could just tip up the lid, you could reach the sun and air to unfold your petals wide and free!!! In Chapter II of The McTavish Regressions, we meet the Tsvetkovsky family and this book of our series’ protagonist Laura, who’s passionate and wildly creative.


Her inner world of dance fuels the family’s daily lives; and the limitations reach uncomfortable proportions. Doctors, pills, more doctors, and tears: when will it ever end? Heart-wrenching family dynamics lead us to find out.

III Switching Minds

Try to remember a time when HOPE snuck in to what you thought was an otherwise done deal. You’d felt all you could feel, you’d done all you could do: or had you? Laura confronts the deeper reality to her depression. Family dysfunction and distant realities mix to reach the point of near exhaustion.


“Switching Minds” harbors the scenes to show the necessary steps to take on the way to inner freedom. Could it be as easy as that? Well, no, it’s never exactly easy, but hope exists within compassion, and all you have to do is meet it, this agent of the soul, even if it’s in the shape of an old lady that smells like olives!

IV Freud Meets Jung

What would the world be like without crime? What if a team of doctors could heal past-life tendencies in a criminal mind, relieving the need for it to reproduce its habitual patterns in future lives? McTavish (Jung reincarnate!) & Buret (Freud reincarnate!) let their collaboration evolve and outline the particulars of working together.


Buret specializes in criminology and McTavish is fascinated that there has been so little research involving it and past-life regression. The possibility to engage in cultural psychology inspires the two, setting the scene for books to come.

V The Dancer

Have you ever felt such strong desire toward a person, place, or thing that you cannot remove your thoughts from it without replacing them with numbing remedies? Did you ever emotionally reminisce over something that you know never happened? Or did it… Laura, McTavish, and Buret start their fantastic journey to the core of Laura’s all-consuming love for dance.


Her past life—lived in Catalan during The Spanish Inquisition—brings us a love story whose tragic and passionate end reveal exactly that glimmer of hope to Laura. She gains the first of what will become many realizations that her current life exhibits past life realities that have yet to integrate themselves into her psyche.

VI Catalan 1592

Romani culture dominates Chapter VI of this first book in our literary series, The McTavish Regressions. How does it feel to explore another era in your mind, one that holds the secrets to your thought processes today? We read and breathe along with Laura as she takes her psychic trip into a small village of long ago, where passion reigns and lives are threatened by the course of history.


We see the heights of her joy and the depths of her pain as she experiences her life as the beautiful dancer, Aishe. Mind meets heart in this last chapter of Arabesque. It’s the first of future chapters for Laura, who begins to make some sense of current depression, inviting her new-found hope to take on a life of its own.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“ Wonderful book about past-life regression! The authors did a great job of making Laura’s Catalan past world just as descriptive and powerful as her present reality. ”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“ Whether you believe in the possibility of past lives or not, this is a beautifully written piece of literature. ”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“ I am ready for the next book. The best part of this book is the ending, which leaves me wanting to pick up the next book in the series and read it. ”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“ A riveting story of past-life regression. The ending surprised me and it will surprise you too. ”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The McTavish Regressions: Arabesque is a fun escape into the world of past lives and regression theory, but don’t worry if you aren’t sure what that means, as you will soon find out! ”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“ Bottom line: Interesting characters, fast-paced story, clever examination of hypnotic regression even for doubters. I’d like to see more adventures with the same cast. Five stars. ”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“ The book flowed through worlds and lives described so magnificently that it continued to resonate within me for days. ”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Arabesque is a fascinating novel that combines multiple viewpoints like puzzle pieces into telling one story. ”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“ Beset with flashbacks, memoirs, poems and dreams, the narrative weaves in and out of the reader’s consciousness, ensuring a constant enrapture into the tale. Not a single word is wasted as the memories pile one on top of the other, blurring the confines of the narrative and reader’s time. ”

Patients’ Reviews

Henry Tsvetkovsky

My daughter had left me for an imaginary world that didn’t include me, and how this affected me and my family was nothing short of disastrous.


Dr. McTavish got through to my Laura, and her progress to return to a healthy state of mind has given me hope for the day when I will have my little girl back. She’s now a grown woman and, though I know I won’t get those childhood years back, I’m happy to be able to build a new relationship with my daughter, built on maturity and mutual respect.

Thank you Dr. McTavish!

Sandra Tsvetkovsky

I learned so much through watching my daughter develop after her past-life regression treatments with Dr. McTavish. For years I’d taken Laura to tests and psychologists, each of them eventually giving us the same speech about “managing” depression with medication.


Well, I didn’t want to just “manage”; I’d given my life to helping Laura and the moment we started working with Wallace and Vivi, I knew things were changing for the better. You don’t realize you’re holding your breath until you begin to relax a little; meeting these doctors has let me breathe again; and Laura finally has a life of her own. I’m eternally grateful.

Phil Peterson

My crippling fear of people had me living away from my family at an early age. I don’t remember exactly when it turned into a phobia, but my parents could no longer deal with my public “fits” and institutionalized me at the age of seven. The fact that I was perfectly functional in every other way attracted the attention of Dr. Kramer Sheldrake, a visiting lecturer at the institute.


He recommended I meet Genevieve Buret and her colleague Wallace McTavish for a consultation. I admit to being skeptical and extremely wary of past-life regression at first, but with successive treatments I find my anthropophobia has subsided through no effort other than showing up for my sessions. Fascinating journeys!

Nancy Davis

My obsessive preoccupation with orderliness was diagnosed last year as borderline personality disorder with OCD. Okay, I knew I had some issues when I repeatedly locked my doors and turned the lights on and off, like five times, just to feel like it had been really “done.” Yeah, I got that I was a little off, but my compulsive behavior started to interfere with my work meetings and personal life, to the degree that I found myself unemployable and alone most of the time. The symptoms were persistent and I had to go on disability and take hardcore meds, which messed with my mind even more.


In the end, I moved to another city, thinking that a new environment would help, but that was not the ticket. My new neighbor, Phyllis , brought over some friendly brownies as a housewarming and saw there was something up. She said she’d be happy to take me to her hypnotherapist, who had done her a world of good, and the rest is history, literally history, ha! I’m off the meds and, though I might stare down the light switch, I no longer feel compelled to “play Edison”.

Hiro Yamamoto

The weight and pressure of everyday life felt as if it was literally sitting on my shoulders. After several past-life regressions with my therapists, McTavish and Buret, I discovered that in a previous incarnation I was a Tibetan lama, who had died in an avalanche in the Himalayan Mountains.


This explains two things: One, my love for Buddhist debate, which helps me in my law practice; two, a single piece of clothing could feel like a heavy winter coat on my body. I had two sessions that allowed me to process this information, and I no longer fear dark and cramped places, and can carry a sack of potatoes on my shoulder, if I had to. The relief I feel cannot be described in words.

Jarvis Winthrop III

Sunnyvale Institute, January 2018

My experiences in hypnotherapy began by request. Doctors Wallace McTavish and Genevieve Buret took me on as a case study for their comparative research in criminal behavior and past-life incarnation. Their theory directly compares current life-criminal behavior patterns with past-life scenarios that might lead to recidivism. As a diagnosed sociopath , I led a life of crime from a very early age and there is no question to the logical assumption that should I be released from custody of this institute for the criminally insane, I would continue my deviant behavior.


While I have no hope of recovery, I do understand on some level that my soul is contained in this incarnation to relive and compute my previous deviant lives, and possibly even repent for my crimes, but that remains to be seen. All I can say is that the food is better and my daily routine is more favorable since I agreed to the hypnotherapy, though I do not remember the session material itself. The doctors are cordial in their demeanor and since they return for further research, I assume my participation is of value to them.

The McTavish Regressions: Arabesque

“ Her mind didn’t need to give its permission for her to roll into the dreams that color her life with rainbow shades. Today she went to a blue pool, floating on an après dance high. Her body, full of endorphins, charged through the water like a mako shark. ” Arabesque