The Series

Dr Wallace McTavish

Dear Reader,

The heart shape left in my coffee grounds, as I take the last sip from my jumbo Corky Cup, reinforces the notion that my regression work has long since healed my own broken heart.
Most mornings, I sit in calm reflection. My lives were well-lived but hard. I’m privileged and grateful that my journey has brought me here to you, patient reader, to give you some history on who I am and how I came to join you here today.

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I spent my youth exploring questions that science cannot explain, and not much has changed since then. My methods have matured; that is, I no longer question the floating clouds overhead or the separation I feel from the Earth’s core. I still, however, seek answers to the more mysterious, subjective, and relative questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is a soul, and what does it have to do to reincarnate and evolve?

Seeking these answers led me to a lifetime of study in the behavioral sciences where I faced rigorous formal training in cognitive psychology, which, in turn, led me to the unconventional mental health approaches. Neurolinguistic programming (NLP), past-life regression, and Eastern medicine take precedence in my practice. You’ll find me, on most days, in my comfortable office full of ancient memorabilia, taking people back to their souls’ previous incarnations. I believe that past lives hold the secrets to this life’s (dis)harmony.

Over my career, I’ve documented case studies with my faithful colleague, Professor Genevieve Buret, without whom I could not have carried out this work with such success, helping all who come to us.
Vivi suggested we publish our body of work in the hope that it would bring others to understand that their current life is an amalgamation of their previous lives lived on this beautiful planet. It is an honor to truly know this body/mind, as it acts as a carriage for our wholly unique souls, each on its painfully exquisite evolutionary path.

We begin our presentation with Laura Tsvetkovsky, on whose regression case study, incidentally, was only the second time I met Vivi—a lifelong collaboration in the making!
It is with great hope that I wish our published work will improve your life. Enjoy Arabesque, dear reader, the first book in our heart-healing literary series, The McTavish Regressions.


Wallace McTavish

Dr Genevieve Buret

After receiving my master’s degree in behavioral psychology I took a year to travel those areas in the world that I felt drawn toward, much like a moth to flame if I think about it, though the passion was muted somewhat by my rigid demeanor. It’s not easy being a scientist’s daughter, growing up with your father seeing you as only a formulaic cell-operator whose brain will turn off someday. My robotic nature needed throwing in the deep end, this I knew, so I stuffed my Lowepro backpack with thermal everything, kissed Papa’s gravestone on the way to JFK, and left for the Himalaya.


If I had any expectations they were obliterated on arrival. No one could have prepared me for the intensity of the lifestyle that was so different to mine. I was impressed mainly by the outright belief in and factual basis for the reincarnation concept. Ancestors were revered above all and I couldn’t help but notice the peace that people embodied, even in the worst conditions. They knew on an intimate level that this “incarnation” as a legless beggar thief, for example, was necessary for their soul’s evolution. Seeing that the soul was yet another concept I had to grapple with, I found myself surrounded by beauty on all levels, which began to thaw my heart and lead me toward my future studies. As a forensic scientist, I decided there was much to be learned from crimes committed from an anthropological point of view. What makes a thief or a killer or a con artist? Could the same theory of one’s soul evolution apply?

Soul Agent #9

Imagine a seed or a fern spore floating determinedly through the atmosphere and landing in fertile soil, and you’ll have a relative picture of my duty throughout the ages. Who am I? That isn’t important but my job is. I bring healing opportunities to people who need them; but how I do it is the trick of the gods. I’m neither human nor angel, nor faerie, nor witch. Magic is not my medium but presence is. How I shapeshift into presence is an ancient story, told many times over by time-tested cultures, and you can find examples from the greatest storytellers of our time and times gone by.

Shakespeare brought us alchemists, Buddhists brought reincarnates of master healers with herbs and tantra, and aboriginal cultures healed their communities through storytelling.

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This is my story within a story: The McTavish Regressions. Wallace McTavish doesn’t know this, but we’ve been meeting each other for lifetimes. He is a master healer of the psyche and I have brought people to him, when the time was right, for them to journey to their past. Taking people through past life regression introduces them to the lives they’ve lived before their current one, that hold secrets that act as catalyst keys to their unlocked potential and knowledge in their current life. Wallace’s previous incarnation as Carl Jung proved to help the world on levels that no psychoanalysis had seen to date. Before that, he needed to experience many lifetimes of suffering, to fully understand what it is that others experience when their worlds turn inside out because they have tremors in their minds.

It is something of an earthquake when the mind turns dour and cannot rid itself of the alternate reality it creates; even positive and hopeful realities that hold no truth can turn to mania. The cornerstone to a healthy mind is balance and stillness, to be present, because you have received the gift to do so! Not much else needs “doing” than that. But people get lost and sometimes they wander so far away that to bring them back sometimes involves prescribed chemicals, a band-aid for the cracks that exist when one parts ways with their own mind. It happens, but it is not a static state of being, no; we can find the path home and walk it at our pace, and the act of walking back heals the fissures in its wake.

Dr. Buret is a new acquaintance and I love her spirit! I just happened to drop by while she was contemplating majoring in criminal law… psssst… Wallace McTavish, and the rest you can read for yourselves The Return is a theme throughout history with which most people are familiar. To be out of one’s mind and make the way back to mindfulness presents a great shift of energy, and that’s where I come in.

No one sends me; I am attracted by energy that presents as a magnetic force ready to be shifted. I assume an existing material form that zeroes in on the dear that needs McTavish. Some might call that possession, but I am not an entity existing alone or for any benefit to myself. You can call me Soul Agent. It is my great pleasure to nudge the unknowing souls onward to their healing… but I never force. Sometimes in fact I must nudge for centuries to get a soul communicating before the message can be conveyed to its vehicle, that is, the current body and personality that carries it.

You see, dear reader, you are far more than nerve, skin, muscle, blood, ego, bone & brain! You are a precious vessel, carrying the most prized and immutable gift anyone could imagine; a little slice of eternity rests within you and waits to deliver your talents and love to the world. My job is to steer the weak in the right direction—should their soul call out to me. I never arrive uninvited!

How did I get here? How did I come to write this page? And why can no one but you see it? This information will forever be unraveling together with The Great Mystery of this life and of lives past. May your soul’s evolution in every way be blessed with divine reason and joy.

The McTavish Regressions: Arabesque

“ Her mind didn’t need to give its permission for her to roll into the dreams that color her life with rainbow shades. Today she went to a blue pool, floating on an après dance high. Her body, full of endorphins, charged through the water like a mako shark. ” Arabesque