January 23

I Mano Y Mano

Did you ever meet someone in your mind before you knew that he or she existed? Were there ever thoughts milling about that made no sense whatsoever until you had a moment of clarity, after you had come across some seemingly insignificant bit of news that ultimate made those thoughts a material reality and changed your life forever? This is where Freud and Jung reincarnate meet again. Dr. Wallace McTavish has a unique approach to helping others. Past Life Regression is one thing, but his calm and knowing demeanor draws you in, to let you realize that he holds the elusive key to your locked past, which sometimes keeps you. His compassionate gift allows your psyche to deliver & release what ails you, and this is why acting Professor Genevieve Buret wants to collaborate. Vivi Buret shows the idealism of a child crossed with the laser-like precision of a surgeon. She meets McTavish and, after reading several of his personal past lives, there’s an unspoken bond created, allowing them to realize their work from their last lives has carried over and will continue to help those in need. Truly a dynamic duo!

January 23

II Dreams R Us

Do you ever feel like you’re a flower growing in a box? If you could just tip up the lid, you could reach the sun and air to unfold your petals wide and free!!! In Chapter II of The McTavish Regressions, we meet the Tsvetkovsky family and this book of our series’ protagonist Laura, who’s passionate and wildly creative. Her inner world of dance fuels the family’s daily lives; and the limitations reach uncomfortable proportions. Doctors, pills, more doctors, and tears: when will it ever end? Heart-wrenching family dynamics lead us to find out.

January 23

III Switching Minds

Try to remember a time when HOPE snuck in to what you thought was an otherwise done deal. You’d felt all you could feel, you’d done all you could do: or had you? Laura confronts the deeper reality to her depression. Family dysfunction and distant realities mix to reach the point of near exhaustion. “Switching Minds” harbors the scenes to show the necessary steps to take on the way to inner freedom. Could it be as easy as that? Well, no, it’s never exactly easy, but hope exists within compassion, and all you have to do is meet it, this agent of the soul, even if it’s in the shape of an old lady that smells like olives!

January 23

IV Freud Meets Jung

What would the world be like without crime? What if a team of doctors could heal past life tendencies in a criminal mind, relieving the need for it to reproduce its habitual patterns in future lives? McTavish (Jung reincarnate!) & Buret (Freud reincarnate!) let their collaboration evolve and outline the particulars of working together. Buret specializes in criminology and McTavish is fascinated that there has been so little research involving it and past life regression. The possibility to engage in cultural psychology inspires the two, setting the scene for books to come.

January 23

V The Dancer

Have you ever felt such strong desire toward a person, place, or thing that you cannot remove your thoughts from it without replacing them with numbing remedies? Did you ever emotionally reminisce over something that you know never happened? Or did it… Laura, McTavish, and Buret start their fantastic journey to the core of Laura’s all-consuming love for dance. Her past life—lived in Catalan during The Spanish Inquisition—brings us a love story whose tragic and passionate end reveal exactly that glimmer of hope to Laura. She gains the first of what will become many realizations that her current life exhibits past life realities that have yet to integrate themselves into her psyche.

January 26

VI Catalan 1592

Romani culture dominates Chapter VI of this first book in our literary series, The McTavish Regressions. How does it feel to explore another era in your mind, one that holds the secrets to your thought processes today? We read and breathe along with Laura as she takes her psychic trip into a small village of long ago, where passion reigns and lives are threatened by the course of history. We see the heights of her joy and the depths of her pain as she experiences her life as the beautiful dancer, Aishe. Mind meets heart in this last chapter of Arabesque. It’s the first of future chapters for Laura, who begins to make some sense of current depression, inviting her new-found hope to take on a life of its own.