Soul Agent #9

Imagine a seed or a fern spore floating determinedly through the atmosphere and landing in fertile soil, and you’ll have a relative picture of my duty throughout the ages. Who am I? That isn’t important but my job is. I bring healing opportunities to people who need them; but how I do it is the trick of the gods. I’m neither human nor angel, nor faerie, nor witch. Magic is not my medium but presence is. How I shapeshift into presence is an ancient story, told many times over by time-tested cultures, and you can find examples from the greatest storytellers of our time and times gone by.

Shakespeare brought us alchemists, Buddhists brought reincarnates of master healers with herbs and tantra, and aboriginal cultures healed their communities through storytelling.

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Past life regressionist Dr. Wallace McTavish leads a simple life but appearances can be deceiving. In addition to being a brilliant, successful psychologist, McTavish is also a self-healed man, and his funky Brooklyn, NY home doubles as an office, where he investigates past-life crimes and passions. Twenty-four year-old Laura Tsvetkovsky has long experienced such passion. Her refusal to live in the present with the outside world, her sycophantic mother, and struggling family leaves Laura to her pathological dreams of becoming a dancer. Dreams that will never come true. Were it not for her pills and mysterious friends, Laura’s life without the use of her legs might be hell, but Dr. McTavish reveals there’s another way to heal past and present with hypnotic regression.

Creating suspense regarding the origin of Laura’s pain, we journey to 1592 Catalan. Laura’s past life joy with Marko is contagious, until the Spanish Inquisition sets terror loose in her Romani community and propels this soul from past to present in a heroic tale toward its hopeful, compelling conclusion.


What an enjoyable book! It’s a must for anyone interested in alternative healing. The richness of characters and the past life worlds are wonderful and fully immersive. I want more! When is the next book out?
Arabesque is a great read, which I didn’t expect to be quite so profound. Nicely structured and imaginative, the author guides you through the inner turmoil of the main characters and their interlinks. The 16th Century Catalan world is particularly emotive and gripping, I didn’t want the chapter to end!